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Here’s a little one to brighten up all you Spurs fans today

Jon Flanagan has scored more open play goals at White Hart Lane than Roberto Soldado in the Premier League this season.

Merry Christmas!

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in 2003 don bartletti chronicled the 1500 mile migration route through mexixo, known as “the beast” for its life threatening hazards, made by hondurans trying to reach the united states.

to avoid authorities, migrants (fourth photo) hide until the train picks up speed, risking the chance of slipping on the gravel or falling under the wheels. others, like santo antonio gamay (eighth photo) risk falling off from the fatigue of having held on for fifteen hours.

experts estimate that almost 50,000 children make this journey every year without either parent. as photographer don bartletti notes, “only the brave and the lucky reach their goal.”

but bartletti also describes how In the chiapas countryside he photographed a boy and girl race their horse alongside the train. “the fleeting scene brought a few moments of joy to young honduran stowaways who have learned to fear the worst from people along the rails.”